Fenway Park | Red Sox murals


Over the years I have been ask to create different versions Fenway Park murals, and Boston Red Sox murals.  The old style park with the coke a cola bottles, different perspectives of the park, focusing on the Green Monster scoreboard or the skyline and retired jerseys.  Other clients have asked me to design a Boston Red Sox mural, recreating the locker room, the vintage Boston Red Sox signs. Below are some examples.

Red Sox vintage sign Fenway Park vintage sign.  Faux Red Sox locker with team uniforms, baseball hat, glove, bat, ball.


The first is a Red Sox nusery mural with scoreboard, hood blimp, citgo sign, clients last name on scoreboard to personalize it.  The image next to it is a basement mural, “man room” the Red Sox retired numbers were painted on beam.  The skyline with the Budweiser sign, Prudential Center and John Hancock.

sm_fenwaycrib sm_fenway_basement2

Below is a close up of the old coke a cola bottle and the Cask ‘n Flagon sign.  Next to it is the rest of the basement mural.  I turned cubbyhole into the Red Sox team locker with jerseys and gear.

sm_fenway_basement3 sm_fenway_basement

I like to personalize my murals and use my portraiture skills.  Below I incorporated the clients son into the scoreboard.  I also will paint items to go along with the theme like the Wally the green monster lampshade below.  Furniture and other elements of the room may be painted also.


Walk-in closet mural girl’s mural

This mural was so much fun to design.  SO girly.  I worked with Sophia and her mom choosing colors, dresses, purses, shoes, boots, boas, crystal chandeliers etc..


Deciding how to display everything was tricky until I came up with the faux shelving idea.  I separated the walls with cubbyholes to hold all the fun and color items.  Hats, hat boxes, jewelry, scarves, gloves, boots, coats, shoes, etc.


The trompe l’oeil dressing room was painted around the vanity dresser.  The top photo has the vanity in place but if moved there is a cute monogrammed rug to fill the space.


While I was painting this adorable mural the horrible tragedy at the Boston Marathon had occurred.  I decided to add some Boston representation–may be subtle but meaningful without changing the intention of the mural.