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Erin Crowley of Crowley Art Studio is a Boston area artist known for her portraiture, murals, faux finishes, and most recent “Live Event and Wedding Paintings”. “Live Event & Wedding Painting” is painted Alla Prima style (Alla Prima -- style of painting where the painting is completed while still wet, in a direct, expressive style.) Erin studied under acclaimed artist Joshua Graham for over 10 years mastering her skills in oils. In 2004 she was commissioned by Jordan’s Furniture to design murals for their Reading, MA location. Erin Crowley has continued to create custom art, portraits and murals for a variety of both individual and corporate clients. You may view samples of her work and contact her for commissions at www.ecrowley.com

Walk-in closet mural girl’s mural

This mural was so much fun to design.  SO girly.  I worked with Sophia and her mom choosing colors, dresses, purses, shoes, boots, boas, crystal chandeliers etc..


Deciding how to display everything was tricky until I came up with the faux shelving idea.  I separated the walls with cubbyholes to hold all the fun and color items.  Hats, hat boxes, jewelry, scarves, gloves, boots, coats, shoes, etc.


The trompe l’oeil dressing room was painted around the vanity dresser.  The top photo has the vanity in place but if moved there is a cute monogrammed rug to fill the space.


While I was painting this adorable mural the horrible tragedy at the Boston Marathon had occurred.  I decided to add some Boston representation–may be subtle but meaningful without changing the intention of the mural.